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We are pleased to welcome you and your child to AJIA. Your child’s happiness, security, social and cognitive development are our main objectives.

AJIA, encourage positive childhood development by providing opportunities for your child to meet new friends, try out new activities and learn through play.  Our devoted, qualified staff provide individual, caring attention for each child.  Everyday your child will enjoy play time, pre-reading, pre math and pre-science activities, music, rest periods, outdoor fun and exercise.

 Through carefully planned games and activities your child will be exposed to situations that will stimulate their natural curiosity and love of learning, develop initiative and independence, while building their self-esteem and decision -making abilities.  Interaction with, and respect for others are skills that are taught and re-enforced daily.


Angel John Integrated Academy
"An academe of world-class basic education"

(Formerly Angel John International Academy)

SEC approved the registration of Angel John International Academy, Inc. (AJIA) on July 20, 2006.  This name, however, was changed to Angel John Integrated Academy, Inc. on November 3, 2008 after the negotiations with a Korean School failed.

The Korean School was supposed to send Korean Students to AJIA by batches to study English.  As such, the third floor of the School was designed to serve as the dormitory of the foreign students.  According to the plans, the dorm can house 40 Koreans at any time.  Due to the World recession, the project was stopped indefinitely. 

Having no foreign students to cater, the school changed its name from Angel John International Academy, Inc. to Angel John Integrated Academy, Inc.  The school, nevertheless, maintains its high standards of education.  

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